How to use

With this tool you can show .srt subtitles beneath any web page (that alows it).

How to configure your subtitle

To configure it, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on "Add video", and enter the URL of a webpage or youtube / vimeo video
  2. Click on "Set" after you entered the URL, to let me verify and get some info about the url.
  3. Click on "Add subtitle", and choose and follow one of the methods.
  4. Click on "Set"
  5. Now you should be able to click "Start subtitleframe" on the bottom.

Using the subtitle player

When you got all set up, and started subtitleframe, your video should load on the top frame. The subtitle bar should be visible below, as well as the controls. It's possible the webpage blocked my request to include it for you. In this case you should find a other source that does not have this problem.

In the controlbar you see a couple of options:

  • Play / Pause By clicking on the play/pause button the subtitle should start and stop playing
  • Play in 5 By click on this button, the subtitle will start playing in 5 seconds. This helps you synchronise your timing with playing the video above.
  • Player settings By click on this button, the player options will open. In the player options you can set the size of the subtitles, the height of the subtitlebar, and the position of the controls.
  • Quick tuning With Quick tuning you can quickly add of remove .5 seconds from the subtitle time. This is for synchronizing the subtitles
  • Time input In the input field you can enter a time where you want the subtitle to start playing. After entering a valid time (eg: 01:12:41), click on "Set time". Next click Play in 5 to start.

Configuring the player

You can find the player options by starting subtitleframe, and clicking on the button with the "cog" icon.(on the player controls) or, click here

The player options should speak for themselfs, when you close it, they are saved. Next time u use subtitle frame again they will load automatically.

About is developed for people that want to add subtitles to online videos.

For suggestions/tips/information:

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Player options

Subtitle bar height
{{input_info.sub_config.sub_height}}% of page height
Subtitle font size
Controls position
Reset subtitleframe
Step #1
Add video Change video
Video url

Video history Erase history

  • {{}} - {{video.title}}
Step #2
Add subtitle Change subtitle
Subtitle .srt
Upload a file
Insert by text
Url of srt file

Subtitle history Erase history

  • {{subtitle.type}}: {{}}
This site probably won't work. It blocked my request to include it. {{input_info.url_data.title}} {{input_info.url_data.url.url}}
input type: {{input_info.subtitle.input_type}} {{}}